Heleni María Panakaki

Professional translation from Spanish, English, French and German into Greek.



> I studied German Philology at the University of Athens and at the School of Philology in the Universidad de Córdoba through Erasmus, the European Exchange Program.

> After completing my degree, I continued studying history, art history and Spanish literature at the Hispanic Studies Center in Athens. While in Athens, I was involved in honoring the poet José Hierro when he visited Athens in March, 1999. Along with Silvia Pandu, Director of the Hispanic Studies Center and President of the Asociación de Hispanistas Griegos, I read portions of his poems to at the Foreign Press Correspondents Room in the Greek capital.

> The following year I was awarded a scholarship from the Department of Foreign Affairs of Spain for the completion of my studies in languages. I completed a Masters of Translation two years later at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. For the past four years, I have been teaching Spanish as a second language at a private academy, the Greek Department of Foreign Affairs and to individuals.

> I have also held positions as Assistant Manager, Translator and Administrator in multicultural settings, both in Greece as well as in Spain, where, as liaison, it was necessary to use translation, communication and interpretation in different languages. During this time I became familiar with technical terminology (sales systems hardware and software) as well as with terminology specific to gastronomy and enology. At the same time, I honed my knowledge of French, with a Skills Certificate from the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, (Official School of Languages).

> In 2003 I started working as a part-time Freelance Translator, and since 2007, I am exclusively dedicated to translation. For detailed information about my professional experience and areas of specialization, you may download my resume in pdf format.

> I am also a professional member of Asetrad (Asociación Española de Traductores, Correctores e Intérpretes) and I abide by their professional ethics code (in Spanish).

> I take specialized courses related to my profession yearly. I have never stopped studying and continue to perfect the languages with which I work.

> I have been a permanent resident of Madrid, Spain, since 2005.

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Translation into Greek
Translation of various topics and subjects from Spanish, English, French, or German into Greek.

Specialization Areas:
> Technical documents: electricity/electronics, energy, industrial engineering, computers, chemical industries, workplace hazards, technical sheets, technical and user manuals, software and hardware manuals, sales software, application menus, networks
> Marketing, sales: business presentations, ads, publicity banners, online sales web pages
> Gastronomy: gourmet products, wine tasting
> Tourism: travel guides, web pages for hotels and apartment rentals
> Legal and financial documents: statutes, business contracts, legal documents
> Culture and sports: cultural conferences, sports events web pages
> Public Administration: college diplomas, transcripts, birth certificates, medical reports

Greek into Spanish Translation
Reverse translation, from Greek into Spanish in collaboration with native Spanish professionals.

Translations in Six Hours
This service is available only on weekdays between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., local time (GMT+1). It can be used for extremely urgent translations no longer than 500 words. The translation will be delivered six hours later, if the original document is delivered before 1:00 p.m., local time. If the original document is delivered later than that, the translation will be delivered the next morning.
Fees and payment requirements for this type of service are very specific, with a minimum charge of 45.00 Euros, plus VAT. Request availability.

Editing and Proofing
Grammar, syntax, spelling and style editing for documents already translated from Spanish, English, French and German into Greek.

Transcription of recordings in Greek and Spanish.

Liaison and Escort Interpreting
Liaison interpreting for both parties, in order to facilitate communication between them. This type of interpretation is especially helpful in the field of business.

Translated document formatting using Adobe InDesign CS5.

Other Services
For other translation services, please contact my colleagues:
Olvido Soria Pequeno
Legal Translator
Emilie Imbert
Translator, Editor
Spanish > French

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Fee Guidelines
Translation: from 0,08 €/word
Editing: from 25,00€/hour
Minimum fee: 35,00€/project

If it is not possible to find an automatic computer word count from the original document, an estimated total word count will be given of the words in the translated document.
Request a quote. Please remember to attach the document to your email.

How to make a request
You may contact me by email, telephone or Skype. You must specify the type of services needed (translation, editing, etc.) and attach the document to your email.
I will send you a detailed quote, which will include all project information: date of delivery, amount, payment conditions, etc. Once you have accepted the quote, I will start working on the project.

How long does it usually take to deliver a translation?
I usually translate between 2000 and 2500 words per day, or eight hours, in order to deliver quality work. This amount is not constant, since it varies according to the level of difficulty, specialization, formatting and other parameters in the document. Also, you must be aware that, in addition to translation, the document will be reviewed in depth at least twice, both for content and formatting. I usually review three times in order to guarantee a high level quality. The translation is always delivered electronically.

Is it possible to request formatting for documents to be translated?
Yes, that is possible. If you prefer, you may also request formatting services.

Why is it that professional translators only translate into their native language?
There is an excellent post on this topic in Elena Pérez's blog, Traduzco (in Spanish): http://blog.traducciones-ingles.es/2011/traducir-lengua-materna/


Heleni demonstrated a great ability to complete all work assigned to her on time and with accuracy. I would also highlight her initiative, excellent ability to work in group and outstanding organization skills.
G. Giannoukos, Managing Director at Micrelec S.A.

We have been working regularly for seven years with Heleni Panakaki as a Freelance translator. Her work has always been excellent, and on time according to the agreed delivery dates, delivering excellent quality in her work and always treating us professionally and amiably.
M. Domènech, Project Manager, Translation Company

Heleni´s work shows that she is intelligent, hard-working, conscientious and capable of originality of thought.
A. Psillakis, Marketing Director at Schering Plough S.A.

Heleni Maria Panakaki’s work is always to our satisfaction, and always has a professional touch. We would like to emphasize her attention to detail, her quick response, and her timeliness.
V. López, Manager, Translation Company

Heleni has routinely proved to be a dependable, professional and reliable German, French, English and Spanish to Greek translator. She conducts herself with the utmost professionalism, is quick to respond to any queries, hands in translations on time, and the quality of her work continues to be consistently high.
E. Spence, Project Manager, Translation Company


Professional Translators Associations
Spanish Association of Translators, Copy-editors and Interpreters, Asetrad
Association of Translators-Editors-Proofreaders (Greece), ATEP
International Association of Translators and Editors of Medicine and Allied Sciences, TREMÉDICA
Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters of Catalonia, aptic
Galician Association of Translation and Interpretation Professionals, agpTi
Association of Translators, Correctors and Interpreters of Basque Language, EIZIE

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